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Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

Although you want your email address on your web site, you don't want spammers to get it. They use automated programs (called "bots") to crawl all over the Internet looking for email addresses.

In honor of the 25th birthday of the first email spam, we've created a free tool that lets people, but not bots, see your email address on your web site.*

Global Spam Threat Report - November 2013

Pump and Dump stock spam, top global spammers, multi-layered spam filtering and more.

Global Spam Threat Report - August / September 2013

Global Spam Volume - Top 10 Spamming Countries - Sustained Medical Spam

IRS Email Identify Theft Scam

IRS Scam

New IRS email scam tries to steal bank account and other sensitive information.

Cloud Email Use Expected to Surge Among Businesses

Almost two-thirds of small to mid-sized businesses expect to be using cloud email within 6 months.

Global Spam Threat Report - July 2013

Green Coffee attacks, top global spammers, multi-layered spam filtering and more.

New Spam Attack Blocked on June 25

Spam filters catch new "Southwest Airlines" attack within moments, blocking thousands of dangerous emails

Global Spam Threat Report - June 2013

Global Spam Report - June 2013A free monthly report on global spam threats is now available on The first report for June 2013 shows some interesting trends.

Healthcare IT Future is in the Cloud

Cloud computing in health care is expected to explode over the next 5 years, according to recent industry reports.

Cloud Computing: Lower Cost, More Efficient

New survey of IT Professionals shows a majority of businesses have adopted Cloud computing; and do so to save money and work more efficiently.

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