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IRS Tax Refund Email Scam

New email scam looks like it came from the Internal Revenue Service. It might trick you into providing your name, social security number or more. Learn how to protect yourself from this and similar scams.

Turns Out Hulu was Watching YOU

Online video streaming site loses bid to dismiss case against it. There really is no free lunch.

Data Brokers to Congress: Trust Us

Industry trade group doesn't see the need to ensure accuracy of the data its members sell or the damage it could cause to consumers, job seekers, etc.

FTC Uses Google Settlement to Warn Others

Warns companies to align their online privacy practices with their policies.

FBI Warns of "Ransomware" that Extorts Money

Website locks up your computer and demands money to unlock it, or you'll face criminal charges.

FTC Settles Facebook Privacy Case

Facebook must get consent before sharing info beyond privacy settings. Dissent not happy about denial of wrongdoing.

Online Theft of Personal Info Soars

Illegal online use of personal information is rising sharply this year, according to a report by Experian.

2012 Could See 400% Rise

New figures from Experian CreditExpert’s web monitoring service show that in the first quarter of 2012, identity thieves traded more than 12 million pieces of information online illegally.

Hackers Encrypt Server and Demand Ransom

Hackers are now breaking onto private networks, encrypting hard drives and demanding ransom payments to release your data.

Stanford Computer with Social Security Numbers Stolen

Special software should detect if it's connected to the Internet. Medical Center is notifing approximately 2,500 students.

Survey Angers Patients of Doctor Facing Charges

Patients claim supposedly neutral phone survey went too far, even asking about their comfort level with accused doctor.

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